Thammasorn Group Co., Ltd. had been established in 1991 by Mr.Dhiti Towiwat and engineer companion group including environmentalist. The main objective is to run business in order to help and resolve environment problem in Thailand. Initially, our company has run business in the field of water and water treatment. Both of government section and private company has relied on our company to be one of the successful in some projects under Total Water Mana- gement Concept and product trademark Since our company has also been more relied from customers, we expanded water and water treatment business to other related environmental business; e.g. trash management, expand product field from Onsite Waste Water Treatment and Water Tank to Incinerator, corpse kiln, sorting out machine and complet- ed trash management. After that, our company has changed concept from Total Water Management to Total Environ- ment Management in order to cover more services.
Thammasorn Group Co., Ltd., at present ,We have the objective to response most customersR satisfaction by cove- ring on Waste Water Treatment Systems and Water Keeping in both household and industry section. In addition, our company has also expanded business in environment section as following;

1. Thammasorn Company Limited
Onsite waste water treatment and water tank product group and has a role for working system and career
Authorized capital 250 million baht
Website :,

2. Thammasorn Engineering Company Limited
Bio-Gas production and systems ranging from small to large.
Authorized capital 4 million baht
Website :

3. Siam Waste Management Company Limited
Consulting company about completly waste water treatment and management concept
Authorized capital 5 million baht
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4. Repro House Company Limited
Our latest young company (door,fence and window business)
Authorized capital 40 million baht
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5. Thammasorn Energy And Environmental Management Company Limited
Clean energy production technology--Biodrying
System,Autoclave,Sysgazz,Biogazz,Biodiesel and Emulsions
Authorized capital 10 million baht
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6. Thammasorn Nano Solution Company Limited
Proceed a business about production that use high-level technology,SILVER split go out level farm paticle swells
out,casue top most effciency in microorganism suppression
Authorized capital 1 million baht
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